My favourite 50 LPs of 2016

Siempre atentos a las buenas listas de lo mejor del 2016. Y varios han sonado en nuestro querido podcast!! Disfruten y gracias a Trev por este gran resumen!

Throw the Dog a Bone

Odd Box has released 7 LPs this year. Asking me to rate those is an impossible task. But each of these 7 albums deserve to be mentioned in any self respecting blog post considering their favourite releases of 2016:

City Yelps – City Yelps Half Hour
Giant Burger – Giant Burger Forever
The Wolfhounds – Untied Kingdom
Nervous Twitch – Don’t Take My TV
T-Shirt Weather – Pig Beach
T.O.Y.S. – Sicks
Wolf Girl – We Tried

I shan’t include them in the run down below. But rest assured these are great albums and deserve to be heard by all.

Here are my ‘other’ favourite albums of the year.

1 Helen Love – Smash Hits (Alcopop!)
2 Chook Race – Around The House (Tenth Court)
3 Strobes – Brokespeak (Blood and Biscuits)
4 David Bowie – Black Star (ISO RCA Columbia Sony)

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